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Warranty Policy

If you think something you purchased from us is not meeting your expectations and you would like to enquire about a warranty then please carefully read below. For any warranty queries you need to follow these steps. Failure to follow these steps accurately will unfortunately result in your case not being seen. This applies to in store & online purchases.

Your warranty query must strictly include the following:

  1. Your details:  Name, Phone number & Email address.
  2. Your Order number and Invoice:  You can find this in your email sent to you during checkout when making your purchase.
  3. An explanation:  Please explain the circumstances in which the product was affected and why you believe the product should be considered for a warranty.
  4. All of the above sent in a message to us by Contact Us. 
  5. We may also ask for the following when a warranty is under review:
    • Proof of your invoice, so please keep it in a safe place. A scan, picture or even a screenshot is acceptable.
    • Pictures of damaged product:  Include a picture of the full product and a close-up of the affected area.

Once we have received this information we will forward all of the details to the manufacturer for review. After reviewing the case they will advise us whether or not it is a warranty and we will advise you accordingly.

Please note: Happy Wheels does not decide if something is or isn’t covered under warranty. We transfer the appropriate information to and from the supplier/manufacturer for any decisions.