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Unfair Chromo Pegs 51mm Black


Unfair Chromo Shank Pegs take scooter pegs to a whole new level. The thought and careful consideration we took to develop this product is what sets Unfair aside from the rest – Sold individually.

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Unfair Chromo Pegs 51mm Black

Whilst the full size 51mm Chromo Shank Peg is the lightest, strongest, largest in diameter peg on the market, Its little brother the Baby Shank is the most universal stung peg ever created.

The 35mm Baby Shank is designed for scooter decks with a larger rear end so that you don’t end up with more peg then you want hanging off the back of your scooter.

The unique cut out circling the end of each of the pegs is the life saver, if you ever slip when grinding circle rails and when on square ledges the same cut out is responsible for reducing the surface friction and allowing you to grind effortlessly for so much longer.

Sold individually