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TSI Cheddie Fender


An Anti-brake for those who prefer riding brakeless. The Cheddie Fender makes brakeless riding feel as it should feel.

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TSI Cheddie Fender

The TSI Cheddie Fender attaches to most freestyle scooter decks. Comes complete with nut and bolt for attachment to the deck. No more flat spots, abnormal wheel wear or wheel bite landing fakies. Two prongs each side of the Cheddie rest against the top of the scooter deck and on either side of the rear wheel, 40mm apart.

The wheels cutout must be less than 40mm apart or the Cheddie Fender won’t sit on top of the deck. Cheddies don’t fit Aztek Fountain Decks unfortunately. Attaching a Cheddie requires a top mount brake bolt hole, otherwise drilling a new hole on the top of the deck may be necessary.