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Sacrifice AK-115 Deck Polished


This is a very special pro-level deck for park and street riding.

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Sacrifice AK-115 Scooter Deck Polished – Extra wide and long this deck has been designed with street riders in mind. Providing more foot room and extra stability on long grinds. Combined with our trademark triple concave deck bottom, every grind will seem easier. The AK range is a revolutionary new deck design. The down tube or the “bridge” was inspired by the Akashi Kaikyo bridge in Japan incorporating fundamental engineering principles, hence the name “AK”.

The Sacrifice AK-115 Deck Polished comes complete with

  • high tensile steel M8 axle
  • cone shaped steel spacers
  • a super responsive Taipan flex brake
  • nylon support inserts
  • 115mm wide
  • 530mm long
  • 1.25kg