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Aztek FountainFive Deck 23″ Black


Aztek made so many improvements to their Version 5 Fountain Deck, they rebranded it as the all-new FountainFive Deck.

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Aztek FountainFive Deck 23″ Black – Weighing nearly 25% less than comparable decks, it allows for all kind of tricks, while still maintaining the optimal grinding surface. The FountainFive Deck is again setting a new standard for scooter deck design.

The all new forged headtube uses a progressive-molding technique, allowing for maximum weight removal, a huge improvement in strength, and finally an increase in noseblunt space. They’ve redesigned the dropouts for even smoother grinds, and more weight removal.

Aztek FountainFive Deck 23″ Black Specification

5.0” x 23”
83° Cold-Forged Headtube
Weight: 3.3 lb
Wheel size compatible up to 125mm
Includes spacers for 24mm and 30mm wheels