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Tilt Classic Double Clamp Purple


Tilt Quality! designed specifically for holding oversized bars.

In stock

The Tilt Double Clamp is another one of the industry standards for all riders a like. Custom bolts with a 6mm hex key drive and 50% larger threads provide more clamping power and help keep the bars in place and compression tight. Every clamp bolt from Tilt comes with pre-applied anti-seize to prevent the bolts from seizing to the clamp. These work with oversized bars only, and are perfect if you are running HIC compression. You can run this clamp on aluminium bars with IHC.

Compatible with Oversized and Standard Size bars – shim NOT Included. Must purchase shim separately for running standard bars!

6mm hex key drive
Weight: 103grams (3.63oz)
Internal diameter: Oversize (36mm | 1.41”)*
Compatible Compression: HiC, or IHC (with shim)




HIC, IHC, mini-HIC