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Micro Sprite Scooter Black


The Sprite is suitable for kids 5 and up. It’s smaller size makes it easy to manoeuvre and the bar height adjusts as they grow.

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Micro Sprite Scooter Black

The versatile Micro Sprite Scooter has been a popular companion with kids for many years. Features a folding mechanism for easy storage and handy kickstand. With its 100kg weight rating it makes a compact commuter for adults too.

  • Suitable for ages 5 – adult
  • Folding scooter
  • Handy kickstand
  • Foot Area Length: 34cm
  • Ground Clearance: 4cm
  • Comes in range of colours and patterns

Questions and Answers

Q: Tell me the things I need to know about the Micro Sprite scooter?

A: The Sprite is suitable for children weighing up to 100kg, the scooter itself weighs 2.7kg. Its Swiss designed and engineered, making it the perfect solution for those children wanting a 2 wheel scooter.

Q: How does the Micro Sprite scooter steer?

A: The Sprite has 360 degree turning meaning your child steers the scooter like a bike, furthermore adjustable handlebar height (63-93cm).

Q: Does the Micro Sprite scooter fold?

A: Yes, the Sprite folds easily and quickly making it ideal for storage, it also has a kickstand which means the scooter can stand upright by itself.

Q: Is the Micro Sprite right for my child?

A: Suits most children 5-12 yo. The child will need a certain element of balance in order to ride a 2 wheel scooter with confidence. The Sprite is an exceptional scooter, long lasting and value for money.

Q: What else do I need to know about the Micro Sprite?

A: The size of the scooter unfolded measures L69cm x H96cm x W34cm, when folded the scooter measures L66cm x H25cm x W10cm. Its lightweight and strong aluminium frame folds for easy storage and transportation. The wheels are made from 87o ShoreA polyurethane, are extremely solid, and use ABEC 5 bearings, they measure 120mm at the front and 100mm at the rear.

Q: Will I have to buy replacement parts for my Micro Sprite scooter?

A: The Sprite is so well engineered making it more robust and will therefore last longer than a cheaper scooter. Contact us for spare parts that may need replacement, we’ll order it if we don’t have it in stock.