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Aztek Architect Complete Black


Perfect scooter for the novice street shredder, 5.5″W x 21″W deck & square dropouts for ultimate grinding.

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Aztek Architect Complete Black

The Architect Complete is our all-new entry level street scooter. We created a 5.5″ by 21″ deck with solid dropouts for ultimate grinding. The chromoly bars and fork and 110mm high-rebound wheels will hold up to any trick you can throw at it. SCS compression keeps it all tight. The perfect scooter for the novice street shredder.

Specifications of the Aztek Architect Complete Black:

5.5” x 21” Lightweight Deck
Solid Nylon Dropout Inserts
26” x 22” Chromoly T-Bars (Including height from SCS)
SCS Compression
Cast Chromoly Fork
110mm Wheels
Aztek Lite Grips