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Micro Suspension Bronze


For ages 12 – Adult
• Unique front/back suspension system
• Easy folding action
• Large 200mm wheels
• Sturdy, hi-tech design
• Super smooth ride
• Adjustable handlebar height
• Higher ground clearance
• Handy kickstand

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Micro Suspension Bronze

An innovative new scooter from Micro designed for commuters, the Suspension scooter is ideal for urban sidewalks. The front and back patented suspension system work together to isolate the rider from shocks and vibrations. Its robust construction makes the Suspension suitable for taller and heavier riders, but still light enough to be easily carried; the Suspension is built to make long commutes fast and easy. An adjustable handlebar accommodates tall adults and the scooter folds down for easy storage.

Micro Suspension Bronze Specifications

Color Bronze
Age Range 12 – Adult
Max Load: 100kg
Weight: 6.1kg
Wheel Size: 200mm
Handlebar Height: 84-106cm
Deck Width: 14cm
Deck Length: 47cm
Foot Area Length: 34cm
Ground Clearance: 9cm

Questions and Answers

Q. Who should buy the Micro Suspension Scooter?

This large and luxurious scooter is great for any adult looking for a quick, eco-friendly, and hassle-free means of getting from A to B. With large wheels and incredible suspension, this esteemed scooter can move quickly on a variety of terrains and can carry a weight of up to 100kg. The Micro Suspension Scooter is the perfect professional accessory as it’s stylish enough for the office as well as boasting a convenient folding mechanism for storage on trains and busses. Whether you’re looking to make it to meetings, dash through the airport or ride with this kids to school the Micro Suspension Scooter won’t disappoint.

Q. Is the height of the handlebars adjustable?

Yes. The height of the Micro Suspension Scooter handlebar is adjustable from 2ft 9in to 3ft 6in (84cm to 106cm) so you can find a height that is comfortable for you.

Q. What else do I need to know about the Micro Suspension Scooter?

Weighs only 6.1kg which is perfect for carrying and transporting. The Micro Suspension Scooter features a kickstand so you needn’t lean it against walls.



Wheel Size





12 to adult