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Native Advent Refined 6×22 Raw – FREE GRIP


With FREE black griptape!

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Native Advent Refined 6×22 Raw Deck

The Native Advent Refined 6×22 Raw deck is the latest offering from NATIVE.

Aesthetically resembling the iconic Advent series deck it is a refined distillation, leaving the essence of the Advent in its purest form. An ultra-light, high performance, technical street deck, thoughtfully crafted and rigorously tested by our family of dedicated riders.

Every aspect of the Advent has been revised, re-tested and perfected to bring you what we can confidently say is the best feeling scooter deck available with all the technical features and versatile traits the Advent series deck is famous for.

Aside from being significantly lighter than its predecessor the Advent Refined features increased blunt space, a larger diameter crook groove, recessed and reinforced blunt plates, radial concave, a lightweight nylon brake and a mostly flat bottom with a mellow channel running down the centre for the first time ever on a NATIVE deck.

Specs of the Native Advent Refined 6×22 Raw Deck

The Advent Refined is available in 5.5”, 5.75”, 6” and 6.25” with lengths of 21” 21.5” 22” and 23”.

True weight – including Deck, Deck Ends, Spacers, Axle and Brake:
5.5 x 21 – 1685 grams
5.5 x 22 – 1750 grams
5.75 x 21.5 – 1746 grams
5.75 x 22 – 1790 grams
5.75 x 23 – 1825 grams
6 x 22 – 1805 grams
6 x 23 – 1869 grams
6.25 x 23 – 1912 grams

Headtube Angle 83*

Includes 3 sets of wheel spacers for running standard 8mm axles with 24mm or 30mm wide wheels, or 12mm alxes with 30mm wide wheels.

Brake comes with simple to use riser pads to ensure perfect fitment on whichever size wheel you choose