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Aztek Siren V2 Deck Black 6″ x 23″

$299.95 $239.95

Weighing nearly 25% less than comparable decks, the Siren V2 is the premium deck for progressive street scooter riding.

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Aztek Siren V2 Black Deck 6″ x 23″ – The legendary Siren has been reborn with the V2 featuring a new progressive-molding technique of the headtube. This enabled maximum weight removal during the manufacturing process, improved strength and increased noseblunt space. Aztek also redesigned the dropouts allowing for smoother grinds and calculated control.

Aztek Siren V2 Black 6″ x 23″ Specification

  • 6.0” x 23″
  • 83º Cold-Forged Headtube
  • Weight: 3.6 lb
  • 125mm and 12STD Compatible with 12STD Conversion Kit (Not Included)
  • Includes spacers for 24mm and 30mm wheels

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