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Flavor Essence v2 Scooter Chrome Neo

$299.95 $239.95

The new Flavor Essence scooter is an excellent intermediate level scooter. As with all Flavor scooters, this scooter is designed to withstand most of the knocks most riders would throw at it, yet is light and maneuverable, providing most intermediate riders an awesome scooter to develop their riding on.

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Flavor Essence v2 Scooter Chrome Neo

Flavor Essence v2 Scooter Chrome Neo. A high quality, tough and simple functioning scooter, suited for riders of all styles. With SCS compression, this complete stands out among the rest, for its strong and reliable compression system.

Specifications for the Flavor Essence v2 Scooter:

Weight: 3.75kg
Total height: 900mm
Height of bars: 620mm / 24.5″
Width of bars: 600mm / 23.6″
Bar material: Chromoly
Compression system: SCS
Fork manufacturing process: CNC machined
Headtube manufacturing process: Extruded and welded
Deck width: 115mm / 4.5″
Deck length: 520mm / 20.5″
Foot space: 370mm / 14.5″
Wheel size: 110mm
Wheel compatibility: 110mm

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